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CRD provides National, European and Worldchampions high quality  decals, are you next?

This website informes you about our designs, products and how to apply decals. We are active in the modelcar world since 1980. More products will be added to this website soon. Check our NEWS page for these new products released or to be released. If you have any request or ideas, feel free to contact us!

On customer request we now have also a ready to go set of decals available.

 About the decals:

  • Decals are printed in conjunction with a professional printshop.
  • Are printed on digital vinyl with a thickness of 80 micron with a white background.
  • All prints are covered with 80 micron UV protective overlaminate to make it fuel/water and dirt proof.
  • All decals come die cut so no need for scissors.
  • The decals are lightweigth, yet strong.
  • With a hair dryer the decals can be formed to round and various curved surfaces like car bodies and wings to make the fit snugly.
  • Beside prefab decals,we also deliver unique pieces of custom art work!
  • For samples visit our products.

Why no need to paint the body in combination with our full body wraps?

  • A full body wrap is lighter or equal in weigth compared to paint and seperate decals.
  • The full body wrap enhances the strength of the body with 100%.
  • As we only use full body wraps, no paint is needed at the innerside of the body.
  • Paint contains solvents to bond to the body causing extreme detoriation of the body strength over time of use.

The picture below shows the strength and flexibility of the CRD full body wrap.

After pushing the body in it originals shape there was no visible damage to the body and the wrap. crdnodamage

Why would you choose for Custom Racing Decal?

  • Every design is possible!
  • Every idea is possible!
  • We think with or for you!

A sample of a full body wrap, wing and wheel decals:


But we can do much more………………………:

WIth kind regards, your CUSTOM RACING DECAL team!